Our Team

As a team, we believe we bring a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience that help us create interiors that inspires both beauty and function…in a way that is totally unique to you. Here’s what we bring to the table:


Stevie McFadden

Stevie is an accidental entrepreneur with an unorthodox career path. After completing her graduate studies in Organizational Behavior, she held various Leadership and Consulting roles, all focused on helping organizations optimize the employee and / or the customer experience. Her love of design fueled the launch of a side hustle focused initially on residential interiors in 2014. Stevie passionately believes that the physical environment and user - employee, customer or patient - experience are deeply connected and recognized an opportunity to marry her love of great design and her organizational behavior expertise to create transformative places with the launch of Flourish Spaces.

Alicia Conrad

Alicia excels at creating sophisticated and inviting spaces that inform the way we interact with the built environment. Classic or contemporary, Alicia balances her clients' overall visions with the demands of function while retaining creativity. After graduating from the Department of Interior Design at East Carolina University, Alicia spent 12 years transforming commercial and residential spaces throughout the region, extending from intimate small-scale projects to multi-million dollar commercial and healthcare installations. She is passionate about design and is eager to draw out the design skills and vision of her customers.


Diana Mathews

Diana believes that great design should be inviting and comfortable while simultaneously sparking inspiration and creativity within the client. Almost a decade of experience in the art gallery world has given her insight into what aesthetic qualities each client needs to engage with within their environment. Her experience with art curation, along with her career past in the home organization and furniture resale industries enables her to execute a uniquely tailored vision for any project. In addition to a passion for great design, Diana’s attention to detail enables her to provide an engaging customer experience through thoughtful space design.


Geli Workman

Geli has the perfect balance of a creative mentality and an analytical mind to visualize every part of a project and keep things running smoothly. After graduating with a Media Arts and Design degree from James Madison University, she found her groove in operations management cutting her teeth in the online e-commerce world. There, she gained experience in procuring only the best products for her clients. She loves to keep everything ship shape and oversee day to day logistics, and finds satisfaction in providing people with the answers to questions, solutions to problems and reassurance that their projects will be executed with few delays or drama.


Eva Apgar

Eva’s passion for built environments and working with other creatives has led her to complete a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Virginia Commonwealth University. A skilled artist and graphic illustration, Eva excels at bringing design concepts to life using the latest technology platforms.