Flourish Spaces


We combine a deep understanding of human and workplace behavior with insanely creative, beautiful and functional design concepts to help individuals, teams and organizations to do and be their best.

/ˈfləriSH/ -  (VERB)

To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.


Our Approach

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The Starting Point


We begin by taking the temperature of your organization with a Culture and Work Habits Inventory. We identify the work habits and behaviors that block the culture and performance you want...and more importantly, identify which ones will drive them. 

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Once we identify the right environmental cues that will trigger more of the behaviors you want, we explore spaces that have incorporated similar elements into their space in inspiring ways. We borrow and adapt elements and ideas to find a design inspiration that balances possibility and practicality for your organization.

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Using the design inspiration, we’ll provide space planning options and design concepts that reflect your current and aspirational cultural DNA and fit within your budget.

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We will help you bring it all to life, procuring items from trusted sources and engaging local makers and artists to ensure your space is like no one else’s. Leveraging our strong project management and commitment to transparency, we can ensure that the process from concepting to move-in is painless and easy.

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We thoughtfully incorporate principles of change management to get employee  buy-in at every step in process. Depending on the culture of your organization or the size of your project, some additional support may help.  We can provide additional support as you and your employees rethink how to engage with their work and one another in their new space. Learn more about our other strategic services.