Flourish Spaces


Learn more about all of the services Flourish Spaces provides.


Space Strategy & Design Services

What if your space could make you better? 

As space strategists, we create environments designed to boost company culture, enhance employee performance, and elevate customer experience. Our unique approach is a marriage of science and art, combining illuminating research about human and workplace behavior with beautiful design principles.  

And if those things don’t interest you, our deeply creative process will.  Our intentional design method helps us understand your organization’s DNA to build a space that supports your culture and projects your unique story.


Supporting Services

Augmenting new space with a few cultural strategies before or after a move can eliminate barriers to adoption and boost your investment. Here are a few examples of additional stand-alone support we can provide:

Culture Audit  

If you are thinking about a move or an upgrade to your space, we can help you narrow your list of needs  + wishes before you begin that search. We begin by taking the temperature of your organization with a Culture and Work Habits Inventory to identify the work habits and behaviors that block the culture and performance you want...and more importantly, identify which ones will drive them. We’ll translate those insights into space planning recommendations that can guide your search and your wish list.


Workplace Insights

The research and recommendations on generational differences, workplace productivity, employee engagement and happiness have big implications for workspace design and management. For leaders who are curious or even skeptical of the latest trends, we can deliver research, insights and recommendations to stay ahead of the competition for talent.


Change Management Support

An office move to an open floor plan or to a drastically new set up may be met with dread and resistance, even in the most beautiful of spaces. These interactive and tailored working sessions are designed to help employees engage with the new space (and others) in ways that will help them minimize stress and increase productivity quickly.


Reinventing Work Boot Camp

Humans are creatures of habit. We do what works for us until it doesn’t anymore. A physical move is a great opportunity to hit the reset button and engage with work, technology, and fellow employees and customers in new ways. We’ll introduce insights and practical tips, for reinventing the workday in ways that yield better results and satisfaction from employees.